Awesome Clinic; Dr. Haake is great at what he does! Alex Wills
Dr Haake is brilliant. He can sometimes make your head spin with information but leaves me totally confident in his approach to helping me remain healthy. I highly recommend him. Anthony & Crissy Spencer
Dr Haake is the first doctor I’ve seen that seems genuine in his care for his patients. Not only does he care, but he seems devoted to learning and understanding the problems he’s treating. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is fed up with the “normal” healthcare experience! Carlos Torrez
I have been a patient of Dr. Haake for over 4 years and I have very happy and impressed with the care that has been provided. The highest possible recommendation is that I refer patients to him on a regular basis. Dr. David Blackmer
I have been seeing Dr Haake for 8 years and he has really helped me. I would recommend him. Ed Campbell
I am a newer patient of Idaho Center for Regenerative Medicine. I was referred to Dr. Haake by a friend of mine. It took me several months to commit to go and I regret waiting so long. I was greeted by a kind welcoming front desk and wasn't asked to wait for long periods in the waiting area. They were quick and efficient in getting me checked in and placed in a treatment room. I felt Dr. Haake was the perfect balance of professional and relatable. As we would discuss certain aspects of my history and paperwork he was very knowledgeable and through thorough explanations offered me a great education about myself and an understanding of what I have been experiencing coupled with instilling in me confidence that it was something very manageable. I would recommend ICRM without hesitation and am grateful to be under their care as we navigate the intricacies of my health. Holly Staley
I am extremely impressed with Dr. Haake. His knowledge base is outstanding and I highly recommend him. I have been very happy with his services as my personal physician and would recommend him without reservation. Idaho Spine and Pain :Karl Zarse, MD
After years of dissatisfaction with local medical providers and big pharmacy mentality, my wife and I have found solutions to previously untreatable medical conditions and overall poor health. We have minimized prescription medication and now live happier, healthier lives – positively affecting our family, jobs and social activities. Dr. Robert Haake and ICRM have helped us feel how we should have been feeling for years and we are so thankful to have our healthy way of life back. Jason
Dr. Haake is a master and has imperical and experiencial evidence to back up his approach. I went from dying to living under his care! 8-years later he is my primary health care provider.
Joe DeGano
SUPER Excited to have found a doctor who truly cares about your optimal health and solving root health issues! Jolene Harms
I am truly blessed to have found Dr. Haake. I have struggled with thyroid disease and hormone imbalance for the majority of my life. I tried for many years to find a doctor that would understand, listen to me and my symptoms, believe what I believe, and that would treat with an integrated medicine approach. Balancing the thyroid, hormones, and adrenal gland is extremely important and I am very relieved my health and care is in Dr. Haake's hands who I can trust entirely. Thank you to him and his wonderful staff for treating me so well and for truly caring about me and how I feel. It's all about balancing your body and I believe Dr. Haake will help get that done the right and healthiest way possible. Kes H.
By far the best doctor I have been too. Takes the time to listen, answer questions and truly explain what's going on. I am well in my way to feeling the best I ever have. Larissa Allred
I can always count on a proactive health improvement program that deals with root causes of disease, as opposed to treating the symptoms of having a poor Immune system. Past recommendations have provided improvements that are now helping me to gain even more excellent health advantages. Thank U for your in-depth medical advice and treatment! Loren Rader
Any question or concern you may have
Dr Haake has the answer and plan to help you.
I would highly recommend Dr Haake!
If you are looking to improve your health and quality of life please do yourself a favor and make an appointment soon.
What a blessing he and his staff are!
So excited to feel better and enjoy a better quality of life!
Thank you Dr Haake for your incredible information and time you spent with my husband and myself helping us understand what we were missing from common medicine prior to our time with you!
So grateful ! Marcet Wenner
After my initial consultation with Dr. Haake, I feel I finally have a doctor on my side that wants me to be the healthiest possible. He (and I) will not be satisified with just "being in the normal range" standards. Better days are ahead for me!

More than 12 months later I am feeling great. Dr. Haake tells it like it is. His insights into the nuances of the human body combined with years of experience & wisdom help me know I am getting the best of care. Mark
This doc saved me when I was in a downward spiral not able to gain weight and so sick I thought I actually was going to die.
He got me gaining weight and I'm 90% better. I know I cant be totally fixed but he got me close.
Appreciate your help doc. mike pendergraft
Dr. Haake always takes the time to thoroughly review my information and takes the time to explain my where I am at and what I need to do.
Paul Anderson
I just wanted to take a few moments and take the time to really thank Dr. Haake. I found that his style of engagement and interaction with me as a patient was refreshing and extremely appreciated. So much different that the patient turn and burn that happens so frequently in today's traditional practices. My previous doc would not really listen to me, i mean REALLY LISTEN. in that hour i spent with him he really focused on, and took ownership of improving my health and well-being while explaining how and why. Dr. Haake took that hour with me and really made me feel felt.
I'm and 42 years old, feeling and looking better that i have since my early 20's all thanks to Dr. Haake! My only regret is that i did not find him sooner. Regardless, the protocol Dr. Haake has me on is nothing short of a miracle for me. I've never felt so good, the brain fog is gone, the energy level is off the charts, my mood is so much better and consistent. I've even started drinking less. From a few glasses of wine every night to maybe a 1 to 2 glasses every other week. The desire is just not there because i don't want to cloud my head and brain which is crystal clear for the first time in so long. All this has resulted in better workouts, increased muscle gains, loss of the stubborn belly fat, Abs have even reappeared, deeper sleep, less effort waking up in the morning, more productivity at
work with more focus and drive. I can't stop raving to my friends and colleagues about how good I feel and who helped me get here. ! can't go back to the monochrome life i was living knowing I have the potential to feel this good. So, Thank You Dr. Haake! You have truly changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Steve
Dr. Haake is the best. He cares about his patients and will do his best do educate you on what's going on and how you can change things for the better.
I've been to many TRT Doctors in the past 8yrs and nobody has been like Dr Haake. His knoledge is on another level. I highly recommend Dr Haak Sunny Blamba
I have been a patient of ICRM for just over 8 months. I became a patient following a procedure to remove an adrenal gland tumor. The doctors at ICRM are very familiar with the problems associated with the removal of these types of tumors and the complications of hormonal imbalance and the effect it has on a person’s health and well-being.

Like many patients needing to be hormonally balanced and determining what is referred to as the “sweet spot,” which is the physicians’ term for achieving the proper balance of hormones, as well as a health regimen (nutrition and exercise) for feeling your very best. Implementation of ICRM’s fitness recommendations and incorporating proper nutrition, supplements, and bioidentical hormone replacement prescribed by ICRM, has vastly improved my life, health and happiness.

At my six month recheck visit, I weighed 55 lbs. less, was sleeping at night, my cholesterol had decreased, blood pressure is down, stress level is down, increased muscle tone, increased libido and my energy is UP! I now feel like I did in my 20’s.

Todd has joined our VIP club and only needs to be rechecked once a year to see if any adjustments are needed. This is a GIANT change from a man that, only 8 months prior, felt fatigued, experienced loss of muscle mass, suffered with ‘foggy brain’, and felt overall doomed. Congratulations Todd, we are so proud of how far you have come and to be a part of your journey. ICRM Team
T. Kamps